Almost Millions Of British Motorists Are Afflicted By ‘rusty Driver Syndrome’ And End Up Forgetting Rules From The Road


Almost a million1 British motorists suffer from ‘rusty driver’ syndrome, claiming they’ve either forgotten how you can drive or are missing solid ability to drive.

Motorists who neglect to get driving regularly and suffer rusty driver syndrome consequently, might be putting other motorists in danger.

Research2 from Churchill Vehicle Insurance reveals two fifths (42 %) of motorists who drive with an infrequent basis admit the conventional or quality of the driving is affected every time they next hit the street.

The figures also demonstrate that since passing their test of driving ability, ten percent motorists (eleven percent) have remaining a niche of 2 yrs or even more prior to getting during the driving seat – providing them with enough time to your investment rules from the road and how they ought to have a vehicle under control.

Frances Browning, spokesperson for Churchill Vehicle Insurance states: “Motorists returning driving following a break from driving will find it daunting. Motorists need so that you can handle a variety of different road and traffic situations, which only regular practice can sort out.Inches

The study reveals that confidence boosting is required for a lot of motorists, with up to 50 % (47%) of motorists acknowledging they do not enjoy driving on busy roads in metropolitan areas along with a further 57% saying they would rather steer obvious of driving in metropolitan areas altogether, but notice like a necessity.

Churchill offers discounts to the vehicle insurance policyholders who play in the Pass Plus training plan. The plan is specifically created by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to assist motorists develop existing skills and understanding, reduce perils of a road crash and boost confidence.

Browning concludes: “When motorists pass their driving tests, it does not always qualify them like a confident driver. For individuals who feel their ability to drive have grown to be ‘rusty’, it might be worth undertaking a refresher course once in a while to improve driver confidence making the roads safer for everybody.”

Notes to Editors:

For more details about Pass Plus visit world wide kingdom

1. ‘Nearly a million’ is dependant on the next calculation:

GB Population of 44.2million (source: You Gov). 74% of individuals including = 32,708,000.

7% of individuals drive ‘a handful of occasions per month or fewer often’ = 2,289,560

27% of those (2,289,560) say their skills are ‘a bit rusty’ when driving (= 618,181,20), 6% say they’ve forgotten how you can drive ( = 137,373.60) and 9% say they may feel the grade of their driving has tucked (206,060.40).

Therefore 618,181.20 137,373.60 206,060.40 = 961,615.20

2. Churchill Vehicle Insurance research conducted by ICM between second – fourth March 2007, according to

an agent sample of just one,019 adults aged 18 years. The information is weighted to become associated with the GB adult population.


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