Multiple diversions


Just Cruisin 2

Once in while we just like to cruise the
information highway, check our emails, and
see what is out there.

You may have heard of the sinkhole that ate
the Corvette museum, so here is a video of
getting the Corvettes back out of said

Speaking of Corvettes, this video shows a
Hennessey C7 Corvette pass a trooper at 200

Ever seen a 1939 Super Sonic?

How long do you think it takes a pit crew to
change four tires on an F1 Ferrari?

During our short intermission, be sure to
watch these now offensive vintage ads.

Enough intermission, on with the diversions.
This one is about a guy having fun in his
1934 hotrod pickup.

To show we just don’t look for fast car
videos, this one includes sonic booms.

We have two songs this time. In this one
people at the Seattle Childrens Hospital have

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